Yogurt with Chia Seeds and Hemp Hearts: A Cereal Substitute


I was lucky to get a chance to spend a week in Greece last fall. Both of the hotels we stayed in offered breakfast buffets, and both offered rich, creamy Greek yogurt and pots of golden local honey. I made sure to have some every day.

After I got home, I kept up the ritual, but also thought about how I could add more nutrition to it. And this is what I have come up with: high milk fat plain yogurt + honey + hemp hearts + chia seeds + dried nuts or fruit.


I went on a figs kick for a while, but am now switching things up to add almonds or cranberries or pecans.

Pre-pandemic, I would mix the yogurt, a shake of chia seeds, a shake of hemp hearts and dried nuts or fruit together in a portable container. When I got to work, I added honey and ate it at my desk as I read emails. That way the chia seeds had the benefit of my half-hour commute to absorb some liquid. More recently, I have been stirring my add-ins into my yogurt and then letting it sit while I do other tasks. If my yogurt is very thick, I’ll add a bit of water. I have also used pre-soaked chia seeds from the fridge. That’s probably the most time-efficient trick for chia seeds.

So, while it is not quite as pretty as the glistening honey on smooth yogurt, I appreciate knowing that I am getting extra protein, fatty acids and fibre.


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