Sweet Potatoes and Cheese

cheese and sweet pot-sm

Lunches are a challenge if you are avoiding gluten. Packing a lunch that’s nutritious, got protein, and is affordable, filling, tasty AND fast to pull together is no small feat.

Here’s one of my go-to lunches—roasted sweet potatoes with melted cheese. It’s a good way to use leftovers, but also simple to make from scratch.

I mash my roasted sweet potatoes with salt, pepper and butter. I usually stash this in the fridge to use as I like over the next few days.

mashed sweet pot-sm

For lunch, I take out whatever portion I want and put it in a take-out container or a bowl. I top the sweet potatoes with either grated or cubed cheese. I like to use a cheese with a strong flavor. Old cheddar is good. Smoked cheeses pair particularly well with sweet potatoes.

I then microwave the dish, covered, on power 7 for a few minutes. And perfecto! Instant deliciousness.


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