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A Keen Disappointment

quinoa puffs
So little time, so many things to blog about…

Today I want to talk about a recent disappointment. I was very excited to find some quinoa puff cereal awhile ago and had lots of ideas for how to use it. I ended up using it last month to make a quinoa puff version of rice krispie squares. I have made gluten-free rice krispie squares, using the Kellogg’s Brown Rice Rice Krispies, and they are good. Not exactly the same texture as the original, but quite close in flavour.

I wasn’t sure my quinoa puff squares would work at all. The puffs were tiny and so light that when I was pouring them into my measuring jug, some of them floated away on me. I was impressed that they did not dissolve into nothingness when I mixed them in with the melted marshmallow, and I was able to pack the mixture into a pan easily enough. The problem ended up being the flavour. I, someone who prides myself on being open-minded, apparently wanted them to taste more like the traditional rice version. They tasted fine, just quite bland and sweet. They made me want to go out and buy all of the ingredients for the rice ones and make them right away, but I didn’t, as I do have more important things to make (and blog about) first. I’m glad I tried them, but I won’t make them again.