No Such Thing as Too Much Cheese…

I love cheese, as may already be obvious despite the young age of this blog. Four out of my six recipe posts feature cheese. A simple grilled cheese sandwich is one of my very favourite meals.

But a grilled cheese isn’t so simple for those of us avoiding gluten. Anyone who has tried commercially available gluten-free breads will know how disappointing they can be. I am lucky, though, to have stores that sell incredible gluten-free bread near where I live. I made this grilled cheese sandwich with the Romano Bean Bread in the Queen St. Gluten Free bread line baked by Yoshi’s Sweets. There are other breads in the same line—including one made with grape seed flour—and they all have a texture which is incredibly like bread with gluten in it.

I do have tackling baking gluten-free breads on my list of things to do. (And I am eagerly awaiting the release of Nicole Hunn’s book on bread making.) Of course, I have a lot other things to do BESIDES perfecting gluten-free bread, so it’s nice that, in the meantime, I know where I can get some good bread for my next grilled cheese fix.

No Such Thing as Too Much Cheese...

This grilled cheese sandwich is made with gluten-free bread on a panini press.

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